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22 Aug 20
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Sushi: The Raw Deal
Sushi is an enjoyable part of a meal or enjoyed on its own. Traditionally made with cooked rice mixed with a little rice vinegar then shaped into bite-sized pieces topped with raw seafood. Other varieties come in the form of a long roll wrapped in seaweed "paper". This roll contains strips of vegetables and assorted seafood and is served by slicing it into small, bite-sized pieces.
06 Sep 20
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The Story Behind Naruto: The Online Games Character
For some hardcore gamers and Naruto fans, coming across free online games featuring Naruto Uzumaki as the main character comes as no surprise. Naruto is an anime series released in Japan during the late part of the nineties. What started out as a one-shot comic, made its way up to a manga series, to a television series, and who knows if Hollywood has already made plans for the young ninja.
19 Sep 20
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Tips For Finding A Japanese Translator
Translating into Japanese is no easy matter given the complexities of the Japanese language and script. If you need to translate sensitive materials into Japanese, it's important to select qualified professional Japanese translators. The quality of Japanese translations is critical when the text is for business, legal, scientific or technical purposes.
03 Oct 20
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Tokyo - Tourist Mecca of Asia
If there is one place on earth, which symbolizes the confluence of past, present, and future, it's got to be in Tokyo. Known as the metropolitan city of the world, Tokyo leads the global conglomerate of international cities. It is the nerve center of international trade and global finance. The pride and capital of Japan, here are 5 reasons why Tokyo is considered as the tourist mecca of Asia. 1.
15 Oct 20
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What Japanese Quality Means in a Panasonic Massage Chair
When I think of a Japanese made product, I think of quality. I think of the videos I saw in the 1980's when US manufacturing was suffering and the US looked to Japan as an example. I do not remember much except the exercise breaks. There would be a courtyard and the whole company or division would be out there doing stretches and exercising in place, all in their matching blue lab coats.
19 Oct 20
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How to Add Soft or Hard Subtitles to Movie Videos with Handbrake
Movies come from all over the world and such flicks are usually accompanied by their original language. For instance, a movie from French naturally goes with French subtitles while an anime is often embedded with subtitles in Japanese. So for exotic people who are unable to make out what the character says, watching those movies becomes intolerable.
26 Nov 20
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How To Play Old Console Games On Your New Computer With Emulation
When was the last time you were able to sit and enjoy a good old fashioned game of scrolling Super Mario or Dig Dug? Probably not for years unless you have been able to keep your old game system and cartridges in good working condition. For everyone else there is a little known gem called emulation.
04 Dec 20
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Some Of The Reasons Asian Themed Bathroom Accessories Are Becoming Even More Popular
A lot of people are discovering the benefits of ancient Asian practices like yoga and the various martial arts. As you experience the peace and calm that these activities bring you may desire to redecorate your home to mirror these peaceful emotions. The bathroom can be a great place to start.
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