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July 30, 2020
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You Need to Know About All Nippon Airways

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Before selecting an airline, it's a good idea to do at least a little bit of research and that's why we're writing about All Nippon Airways. When you study customer reviews and objective websites like SkyTrax you will see that there are huge differences in the services the different airlines offer. If you're trying to find a good airline for Japan or Asia, ANA is a fabulous choice.

Where on board meals are concerned, All Nippon Airways gives people flying a great preview of the food they will be able to find in Japan. The airline recently started offering what it calls the J-Menu, a sampling of both traditional Japanese meal fare and Western food. The food you get depends upon your destination and travel class but ensures that everyone will get a good tasting and properly prepared meal.

First and Business Class travelers get to enjoy both traditional and modern meals that are prepared by world class chefs. Passengers are also able to buy wine, champagne, sake and shochu on board. If you require any special dietary measures, simply let the airline know before you fly and you will be accommodated.

If you travel First Class with All Nippon Airways, even the longest flight will seem like a luxury, as you'll have your own personal space and extra comfortable seats where you can lie back or take a nap if you prefer.

First Class passengers also get noise-canceling digital headphones, so you can thoroughly immerse yourself in whatever you're listening to without being distracted by any background sounds. You'll also be given access to ANA's super comfy lounges in the airports so your ground experience will be better too. The lounges offer all sorts of things like wi-fi, showers, refreshments and even massage services.

ANA Card USA, if you make purchases using this particular visa card, can actually help you earn travel miles for future flights. As you continue to purchase merchandise with this Visa, your enrollment in the ANA Mileage Club allows you to accumulate points or miles for flights in the future. So once you begin purchasing most everything with this card, the points or miles will accumulate, and you will earn free flights to Japan like clockwork. Getting started is easy - all you have to do is apply for the ANA card on the All Nippon Airways website right now.

To summarize, All Nippon Airways offers travelers in Asia and Japan all sorts of options and award winning service that will make your trip as comfortable as you want it to be. It doesn't matter if you need to go to Japan for business or if you just want to go there for vacation, you should take a look at what All Nippon Airways can offer you.


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