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May 3, 2020
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Popular Authentic Japanese Swords

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When you talk about authentic Japanese Swords, the Katana is the first sword to come to mind. These authentic Japanese swords were the fighting swords of the legendary samurai warriors of Japan. Not only were these swords very functional but they were individually crafted. They are a beautiful tribute to workmanship and artistry of the Japanese people. With perfect balance and the keenest edge they were one of the most well designed and made swords of all time.

Any collector would be proud to have one these authentic Japanese swords in their collection. However, be prepared to pay a hefty price for an authentic sword as these are individually crafted works of art. Of course you can purchase a decorative Katana sword just for show but it isn't the same as owning an authentic Katana. Real collectors will save until they can have the authentic sword that not only looks good but, is completely functional.

If you talk to people who collect swords you will be told that a decent starter level authentic Japanese sword will be in the $500 to $1000 price range and it would keep going up in price as you turn to finer details. That is some serious money if you are just starting your collection or are on a budget. But if you diligently do your research online you can find authentic swords that are functional from $80 and up.

There are a couple of things that you have to keep in mind when looking for authentic Japanese swords online. That these swords are made of carbon steel and not from stainless steel since stainless steel is too brittle for a sword. That they have been heat treated and tempered so that they are not to soft or too brittle and thirdly that they have a full metal insert into the handle also known as the tang since this is the weakest part of the sword and they tend to break easily if the tang is short.
The next thing to look for when buying a low budget fully functional sword online is a reputable manufacturer. You might get a generic sword fairly cheap, but the quality may not be what you require in a functional sword and you may wind up with one that is just good as a wall hanging. And last but not the least you need to find a dealer with a reputation for good business practices who has been long enough in the business.

Whenever you purchase an authentic Japanese sword ask for a certificate of authenticity. If the dealer is unwilling or unable to provide such a certificate then look for another dealer. Even if you are paying discount prices for your sword you still want to get your money's worth and what you were promised.
By shopping smart, looking for deals, and making sure you get a certificate of authenticity you may be able to get that Authentic Japanese sword cheaper than you might have imagined. In the end you will own something beautiful and you will be keeping the Samurai legend alive.


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