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Weekly Mansions in Japan

What is a Weekly Mansion? A weekly mansion is a furnished apartment for short-term stays. From a size vs price perspective,  they are generally more expensive than other housing such as guesthouses and ryokans. One of the big differences between a guesthouse and a weekly mansion is that guesthouse accommodation is conducive to meeting other […]

Super Hotels in Japan

Super Hotels Although Super Hotels are classified as a budget hotel, they offer some pretty good services which separate them from other hotel chains. For example, they have a free breakfast buffet, well lit rooms and lobbies, wireless internet access, some buildings with all non-smoking rooms and even some hotels featuring hot springs (onsens). The […]

Japanese Furoshiki – The Eco Alternative To Many Every Day Items

The term Furoshiki is becoming widely recognized all over the world as a beautiful eco alternative for shopping bags, wrapping materials, and more. Furoshiki are traditional japanese cloths made of cotton, rayon, nylon or silk. They normally have traditional japanese patterns like japanese family crests or traditional kimono patterns, and offer a wide range of […]

Growing Up Japanese Style: Early Maturity Shapes Japan’s Young Consumers

Marketing used to be easy. Assume a growing population. Capture a decent share of each new generation of consumers. With a constant share and natural increase in market size, the job was half done at the start. In today’s Japan, however, marketers confront a real dilemma. Japan is one of the world’s most dramatically aging […]