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September 6, 2020
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The Story Behind Naruto: The Online Games Character

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For some hardcore gamers and Naruto fans, coming across free online games featuring Naruto Uzumaki as the main character comes as no surprise. Naruto is an anime series released in Japan during the late part of the nineties. What started out as a one-shot comic, made its way up to a manga series, to a television series, and who knows if Hollywood has already made plans for the young ninja. The popularity of the character and the series has grown to such an extent, that his presence has spread online. Naruto can easily be found in discussion forums entirely dedicated to the character. Video sharing sites and online game sites offering Naruto games to play online free. These games are developed in the flash platform, and resemble the atmosphere portrayed in many of the episodes of the anime television series. But who is this Naruto character, and what's the story behind the icon?

Naruto Uzumaki is the lead character of the series that goes by the same name. It centers on a young boy, who is a ninja by the way, and his quest to become the village Hokage, or maximum leader. In his village culture the title of Hokage is given to the strongest and most powerful ninja. He is the son of Nimato Namikaze, the fourth Hokage in town and Kushina Uzumaki. His family is a member of the team Kakashi. His home town, Konohagakure, had been attacked by the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox. In order to save the villaje, his father Nimato Namikaze sealed the demon inside him when he was a newborn. The village, however, failed to see the sacrifice behind his efforts and plainly regarded Naruto as the Demon himself. When his father died he was replaced by the Third Hokage, who made it public that nobody was to mention the demon fox ever again. However, many years later the renegade Ninja Mizuki tricks Naruto into stealing a forbidden scroll. Luckily, he is stopped from making this deed by his teacher Iruka Umino. As the story unfolds, Iruka almost dies in his efforts to protect Naruto from Mizuki, when Naruto decides to engage Mizuki in battle and defeats him using the power of the scroll. It is during this contest that Naruto develops the ability - Jutsu Clone Shadow Technique, which enables him to create clones of himself. It is also from this point forward that Naruto realizes he is the carrier of the Demon Fox.

Based upon his beginnings many stories unfold, which reveal the many adventures of Naruto in his efforts to gain status and respect in his village. His adventures are sometimes told in the company of friends who become his allies in his quest. Characters like Susuke and Sakura have acquired a name for themselves in the Naruto games story. Naruto games available online are basically episodes in Naruto's life which describe a battle of some kind. They are available free online for Naruto fans to enjoy, and enhance their anime experience through online game play.


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