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May 19, 2020
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How to Draw Comic Characters

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Is not it amazing when you pick up a comic book and read it for the first time?

We all remember our first comic book and how one often turns into another, then another and finally an almost insatiable addiction. How the characters begin to come to life within a well scripted and well drawn series.

Comic books have for many years driven the imaginations of young and old alike which had many of use running around pretending we are Batman, Superman, and Supergirl or with friends as the team of X-Men.

Whether you picked up a 'Walt Disney' production or a 'Japanese Manga Graphic Novel', be it 'Detective Comics' or 'Marvel' what you will have almost certainly done is tried to draw the characters. Admit it you have!

There are some great artists in those off the shelf books and many of us wish to emulate our artist heroes not just the comic books stars; and there are many ways in which you can do that without the need to be clad in yellow spandex holding the latest laser gadgets.

Immersing yourself into the world of comics when you draw is an experience that is fun, so much so you may find yourself accidentally muttering the words 'Kapow' or 'Smash' out loud, a common side effect that is not dangerous so don't worry to much if this happens.

One such method is to actually copy the characters and buildings within the comic. Remember that it is not only the characters that build the books, but the actual surroundings and vehicles also. Being able to draw everything is an advantage and can really bring your work to life.

The method of copying from the comic book is probably the simplest way you can practice and master the art of comic book art. One word of caution here: never use the technique of tracing. Just look at the figures and draw on your notepad. Initially you will have difficulty to reproduce the figures faithfully. But in course of time you will improve if you keep at it. Using tracing you will be able to draw slightly better but that will be of no use as it will not help you to improve your basic drawing skill.

To get started all you need is a set of good quality pencils with a few different graphite (lead) types such as soft and hard, and rather than going out and buying the colored inks just yet you should use normal coloring pencils or paints.

You might also like to grab yourself a couple of nice black fine and medium tipped marker pens for outlining the drawings as you near completion of your artwork, as this help your creation to stand out as it does in the comics; and don't forget the all important drawing pad for all those sketches and drawings that you are about to work on.

One you are satisfied that you have what it takes to further your artistic capabilities you can pick up some rather neat little publications which can bring your artistry up a few levels.


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